Let's Take a Peek at Bugbear's "Next Car Game"

The NextPowerUp Command Center in Wisconsin (NPUCC-USWI) was fortunate enough to get their hands on (bought) a copy of the pre-alpha version of Bugbear's Next Car Game. Take a peek with us into the joy of mindless, take no prisoners, vehicular total destruction.

At some point in your life you will sit back and become tired of saving the world in role playing games, bending your brain in challenging puzzlers or fragging your friends in online war games, and will just need a break where you can relax and revel in wanton destruction. Let's see if Next Car Game is something you may be looking for.

You can pick up the game on Steam while it's in the Early Access Program. Are there bugs? You bet, but that is part of the fun that anyone who jumps into an alpha version of a game expects. If you do not want to deal with bugs, or potential game stopping problems, then don't buy it and wait for the game's official release. It's really that simple. Anyway, let's continue.

The game downloaded from Steam onto the NPUCC-USWI test rig, and installed without problems. Once you launch the game, a window appears that lets you select your settings. I, of course, turned all of the options on and set the resolution to max (2560x1600). You then are taken to the "Garage" where you can choose a car (only two at the moment) and select options like tires and engine. A lot more cars and options will be coming as the team progresses on the game. You then hit "Go Race", choose an option like demolition derby, tarmac track or dirt track and the number of competing cars (I chose the derby and 12 cars), and get ready to have some fun.

From that point on, the best way to describe the experience is unbridled mayhem and it seems best to just show you. Here are a few screenshots I took of the action …

You can see from the last image that I did not fair too well coming in fourth place (and chalked up zero takedowns), and that burning orange wreck that you see started its life as a Pontiac Firebird.

As stated, the game is in a pre-alpha state, so performing benchmarks and pointing out specific bugs or features that are not implemented is pointless at this time, as all of that is in the process of being worked on by the team at Bugbear. The title, Next Car Game, is also the working title so who knows what they may decide to call it on release. If you want to read up on things in the game, you can always check out the Bugbear Forums.

All in all, this game crazy fun and is just going to get a lot better over time. If you like racing games with a lot of carnage, and don't mind doing some alpha testing, you may want to consider putting it on your list of games to get.