Xbox 720 GPU Specifications Leaked

Earlier this week, Sony leaked video about PlayStation Meeting 2013 where we should see the unveiling of PlayStation 4. With already leaked specifications of both Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4, new rumour have surfaces with some interesting GPU details of Xbox 720 console. We do have to warn you that this may not be authentic, but the specifications do align with previous rumours.

We can clearly see that the GPU will have an 800 MHz clock speed with 32 MB of embedded ESRAM. Although the ESRAM is similar to the EDSRAM on the 360, it is said to be free of some restrictions placed on the EDSRAM. This means the ESRAM is capable of texturing, and rendering to surfaces in the main RAM, among many other tasks. The GPU will also be able to do 2x, 4x and 8x multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) which brings us much better picture quality.

According to previous rumours, we can expect Xbox 720 to be unveiled in June at E3.