HTC Teases 'New Camera Experience'

As smartphone makers are starting to realize just how many gadgets their devices are swallowing up, extra emphasis is being put on evolving and promoting specific things a phone can do.

Mp3 players were one of the first victims of mobile phones, as it was actually dumbphones that helped along the standalone player's demise. Now smartphones are committing GPS, Point-and-Shoot and Digital Video Camera genocide. Come to think of it, portable gaming devices are most probably on that list too.

Companies are finding out the hard way just how important it is that each and every aspect of their phones can hold up to public scrutiny. Most notable is Apple's 2012 maps debacle and even Nokia got a ton of flak for not shooting their Lumia ad using the phone's own video capabilities.

In light of these facts HTC has put together 'A Brief History of Photography' for our reading pleasure and starts off by saying:

As smartphone photography continues to grow in both quality and popularity, it's hard to recall the days we carried separate cell phones, cameras and video recorders. Now, your smartphone makes it simple to quickly upload and share the latest self-portrait, baby photo, or other amazing shot you didn't miss. Let's take a moment to reminisce over the history of photography…

After which the blog post goes on a historically accurate and refreshingly whacky account of picture taking over the years, with a little HTC PR-spin right at the end. They first take a dig at Apple's iPhone 4S and then at Nokia's 41 megapixel PureView only to go on and say they'll 'kick-off a new camera and sound experience in 2013'.

Pocket-lint claim to know the 'new tech word-of-the day' and that word is Ultrapixel. Allegedly HTC will be using three stacked sensors of red, green and blue automagically achieving cleaner images with better color accuracy. We'll have to wait until February 19th though, to find out just how much of this is true.