Drying Your Hands At 430mph

Dyson already has an Airblade range that launched in 2006 and which the company consider quite successful after selling more than 250,000 units. However this new unit combines not only a high speed hand dryer, but hot and cold water too. It's next to impossible to get over the £1,000 price tag, but the rest of the specs are quite intriguing.

Behind it all (or underneath the sink rather) is a sound-proofed motor and an air filter. The motor alone has taken 7 years, 100 engineers and over £26.9m to develop. Using an electromagnetic field it can go from 0 to 100,000rpm in 0.7 seconds jetting out air through laser-cut gaps in the tap at 430mph. That's 692 km/h… But wait, there's more.

It even has a built in computer chip running software capable of making 6,000 adjustments per second for optimal efficiency. Finally the motor itself is spring-mounted (so as not to pass on any vibrations to the rest of the tap) and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

There are of course infrared sensors on the tap to detect whether your hands are asking to be washed or dried. In case you are wondering it's been granted 110 patents, has another 100 pending, and will be available March 1st.