Preorder An Ouya Today, Device Arrives In June

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Target, GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy will be selling the television gaming device when it is released to retail in June. Amazon and GameStop have already opened preorders for the gaming system at a very reasonable $99.99.

The Ouya made a big splash with both developers and gamers when it began it's Kickstarter campaign. At close, the campaign was the highest ever grossing game related Kickstarter campaign in the sites history. They set their goal on a pretty hefty $950,000, and pulled in an astonishing $8.5 million.

The creators of the gaming console will be completely open and hackable so that users will be able to load any Android programs they choose, including emulators and even software that may have been attained thought the normal channels ... if you get my meaning.

Extra controllers are set to retail for $49.99 each. It will be interesting to see how this little device will fair against the next-gen consoles that should be coming the likes of Microsoft and Sony.