War Of The Vikings gets Character Customization Update

The multiplayer, close quarter combat game, War of the Vikings, has just received an update. The update (1.9.0) adds in a new customization system that allows players to design their Viking or Saxon warrior of their choice. This is the last major update before release.

The customization system allows you to choose from a variety items for your character in order to make it unique. The selections include various weapons, character perks, helmet, taunts, cloaks, beards and more. The developers also state that when the game launches there will be even more customization available.

This will be the last major content update for War of the Vikings prior to its official release, but there will be more patches from now until launch that specifically focuses on polishing features that are already in the game. An anti-cheat system is also in the works to keep the game play fair. The game is currently in an early access phase and can be purchased from various digital distribution outlets.

They have also released a new trailer for your viewing pleasure.