Epigenisis Get Free Trial Weekend, Upcoming Tournament Announced

The interesting online, multiplayer, sports, futuristinc, non-lethal ballgame FPS, Epigenesis, is still on Steam, it's still in Beta and the Early Access Program, but the developers Dead Shark Triplepunch want you to know that there is a trial version this weekend.

Available now until Sunday, February 2nd, Steam users can download a trail version to check it out. After the trial, players can decide if they want to purchase the game and to give them a little more incentive, the developers have dropped the price to $2.49 (75% off) until Sunday.

The have also announced that there will be and Epigenesis tournament on February 21st through February 23rd, where players can win the following prizes; Three QPAD QH-90 PC gaming headsets engraved with the Epigensis logo for the winning team, Three QPAD mouse pads for the second place team, and Dead Shark Triplepuch T-shirts for the top three teams.

You can check out our previous article for a little more game info.

Start mashing on the source link to check out the game.

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