Update on Star Citizen's "Next Great Starship" Modding Competition

Back in October of last year we reported that Cloud Imperium was holding a modding competition called "The Next Great Starship" for Star Citizen. It started on October 31st, 270 teams entered the competition, and that has been reduced to 24 teams for the next leg.

The judging panel is comprised of members from the Star Citizen art, design and animation teams as well as Chris Roberts himself. Over the next three weeks, the judges will narrow the field down to 15 finalist teams and the Star Citizen community will get the chance to vote for the 16th team.

"The quality of the entries has been amazing," said Chris Roberts, co-founder and CEO of Cloud Imperium Games. "And we had quite a variety of entrants including a husband and wife team, a father and son team, several high school level teams, automotive designers, bartenders, DJs, filmmakers and of course several professionals from the gaming industry."

You can check it out today at 6PM EST when it airs on their YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd

You can see what prizes are up for grabs by reading our previous coverage of the event.