QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube coming in April 2014

Publisher Digital Tribe Games want every to know that the sequel to atmospheric, first-person puzzle game Qbeh, will be released this coming April for Windows PC, Mac and Linux on major distribution channels. The sequel is titled, QBEH-1: The Atlas Qube, and is being developed by Digital Flower.

The game has some similarities to both Minecraft and Portal but expands on both in a way that makes it unique. The sequel will take all the best features from the original game and expand it with more detail and varied environments, and additional blocks for more puzzle solving goodness. The game will include the following features:

  • Open ended storyline that encourages fan speculation and discussion
  • Explore atmospheric Worlds with challenging Levels
  • Various Cube types such as Building Blocks, Energy Cubes and Gravity Manipulators play unique roles in solving clever puzzles
  • PC, Mac & Linux versions
  • Additional Steam Features to be announced
  • Post Launch Features will include:
  • Oculus Rift Support
  • Level Editor
  • Steam Workshop Support

If you want to check out the original Qbeh, you can get it for free on Desura (Windows and Mac Only).

Here's a teaser trailer they've just dropped.