CastleMiner Z to Release on Steam Today

DigitalDNA wants everyone to know that their popular Battlefield meets Minecraft meet Skyrim meets Left4Dead type of survival game, CastleMiner Z, is going to be released on Steam today. It currently still shows up as Greelnit, so keep mashing your F5 button.

It's described as an action, adventure, role playing, simulation, horror shooter, that has players running and gunning against each other, skeletons, zombies and other monsters in a voxel type world where they also can chip away at blocks in a Minecraft fashion for resources, to do crafting of weapons. Here are the game's features:

  • 32 player multi-player
  • Infinite landscape with multiple environments
  • Day/night transitions
  • Crafting system with over 50 weapons
  • PVP Mode

You can get the game right now for Windows PC at the Game's Website, or wait until it comes out on Steam