PlayStation 4 Priced At $449; Xbox 720 Gets Voice Control

The Battle Continues...

Sony's next-generation PlayStation 4 is set to be unveiled this month at the PlayStation Meeting 2013. Specifications about the new Sony's console are already out, and the only thing that was missing was the price, but not anymore. According to the Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun, PlayStation 4 will cost about 40,000 yen. If we convert, that should be around $425. This leave the console at $449, knowing that Sony always rounds their prices upwards. If we add vat rate, European users will encounter with €349 or even €399 price tag.

Sony's competitor is not sleeping for the next-generation gaming console. Even though the Xbox 720 doesn't have its price revealed, it does have something else. Microsoft's next-gen console will have Siri-like natural language voice control. While the Xbox 360 does have the voice recognition, it needs Kinect to use it and is limited in several ways. According to The Verge, the new Xbox will be able to perform speech-to-text, natural language controls and activate on voice tasks.

Sony will unveil details of new PlayStation 4 at February 20 while Microsoft has its own plans for E3 event this year. There are some words that Microsoft could maintain a separate event to unveil the Xbox 720 just ahead of E3 event, but we just have to wait to see.