RAGE Toolkit Available On Steam

In their official Blog, Bethesda has announced that the RAGE tool kit is now available for download on Steam. This is the same tool kit that the developers' used to create RAGE and also it's add-on content, The Scorchers.

The tool kit includes the game's world creation tool called, idStudio, which can be used for creating maps, adding assets and everything else you need to get started modding the game. The game uses the idTech 5 engine so there should be plenty of eye candy features to keep modders busy for some time.

The tool kit comes is pretty hefty and comes in at over 35 GB, so you will probably want to jump the the source link and read the documentation that the team has supplied.

Look for the tool kit in the Tools section of Steam. The tool kit will only show up if you own the game, and is free for the taking. Happy modding !