Browser game Extrasolar Launching on February 18th

If you are looking for something completely different that involves slow paced gaming coupled with high immersion, then you may want to check out a new science fiction game called Extrasolar. It's more of an interactive experience than a game, but it's definitely intriguing.

The game plays in a browser, so any who with access to one on a PC, phone or tablet, you are good to go. The story of the game is that you are invited to control on of the many rovers that a space agency called XRI (eXoplanetary Research Institute) has put on a nearby planet called Epsilon Prime. Your job is to do scientific explorations with your rover.

This is where the game diverges wildly from anything you are used to playing. It runs in real-time, so after you upload instructions to your rover it will take real hours to get back a response, as if you were actually trying to communicate to another planet. Information is sent back to you via websites, video messages, voicemails, emails, planetary images, pdf files and more, all of which help develop the story behind the XRI agency. The idea behind the game is that they don't want to just immerse you in another world, they want to overlap it with your everyday reality.

Developer Lazy 8 Studio's founder Rob Jagnow comments, "We wanted to create a rich experience that fits into our busy schedules. Most of our rover drivers check in for just a few minutes, a couple times a day. It takes most players about a month to play through the first season - a satisfying story arc with no shortage of surprises."

The game will be opening up for everyone on February 18th, and you can go HERE to learn more about it, and you will be able to jump into the game HERE.