Eve Online Fanfest 2013 Almost Sold Out

CCP has announced that the theme for the 2013 Fanfest, held in Reykjavik, Iceland, will be The Second Decade. The annual festival which is host to over 1000 players of both the Eve Online game as well as the new Dust 514 beta is almost completely sold out.

The Eve Online universe has seen it's 10th straight year of subscription growth, and although it doesn't sport subscriber numbers like Blizzard's World of Warcraft, it has a very dedicated player base, many of which have been playing the game since it's release in May of 2003.

One of the things that has kept Eve Online moving forward is that while there is a monthly fee to play, all of the updates and expansions for the game are released free of charge to the subscriber base. They have also made it possible to pay for the subscription using the in-game currency (called ISK) if your adept enough at the game to make billions.

In every review I've read comparing fan festivals, the CCP festival in Iceland gets the nod as the best festival to attend by a large margin. Along with developer events and other game related activities, they festival has included such noteworthy happenings such as live music event, developers going head-to-head in chess boxing tournaments and the ever popular developer pub crawl. If you are of the mind to attend this year's event, I suggest you get your tickets now before there is no more room available.