OUYA Game Review Process To Begin This Month

The CEO of OUYA, Julie Uhrman, stated in an interview that the game approval process for Android developers submitting games for the new console would begin sometime the mid to end of February time frame and that the review process would be a quick one.

OUYA has only recently given developers the ability to upload their games into the store, and that they are in the process of putting together the infrastructure and staffing to get the review and approval process going.

She stated that the review process would basically involve checking to make sure that the game did not violate any intellectual property laws, it would be checked for any form of malware and that the game did not contain excessive pornography. While having a quick review process takes away some of the pain that the developers have to deal with (XBox LIVE anyone), let's hope that the OUYA store is not littered with crap like some other Android stores we know.

The OUYA is an Android powered console that is slated to be completely open and hackable and retail availability will be sometime in June for a meager $99 with additional controls coming in at approximately $50.