Blizzard Renaming Dueling To Brawling In Upcoming Diablo III Patch

In a stunning revelation on the official Diablo III forums, Community Manager Lylirra has announced that they will be renaming the new upcoming feature in the 1.07 patch release from dueling to brawling. They are stating player feedback as the reason.

They claim that while the new feature allows players to beat the tar out of each other, over and over if so desired, the name dueling was not the right name as it basically implies a one-on-one type of battle and the Diablo III system will allow up to four players to pummel each other to their hearts content.

There's a lot of power in a name, and we think that the idea of a brawl more accurately describes the system we created. Heck, the NPC we added is even called Nek the Brawler, so we feel this re-branding must have been foretold in one of Deckard Cain's prophecies. :)

In all honesty, they are right. Four people trying to beat the snot out of each other is not a duel, it's a brawl. It brings back fond memories of watching drunk bar patrons all going at it simultaneously when I worked on the road crew of a rock band in Chicago. Good times.

Is it really player feedback, or perhaps the decision makers' at Blizzard have been watching the world governments in session, like the Ukrainian Parliament in the picture to the left? We'll probably never know.