Death Stars And X-Wing Squadrons, Kickstarters Go Wild

It seems that Kickstarter campaigns have taken a bit of a turn not only from improbable, but to being downright absurd. After the US government killed the idea of building a Death Star, it went up as a Kickstarter campaign. Now there is resistance by the Rebel Alliance.

On February 4th a Kickstarter campaign was launched to build a Death Star after the United States government decided that the petition to build on on their official petition site was not in the best interest of the people. The campaign is seeking a modest £20 million to start the project with a stretch goal of a mere $850 quadrillion dollars for actual construction. They claim that they will use open source hardware and software to keep costs down. They also claim that the only risk that backers of the campaign may encounter is the power of the force. The campaign contributions at the moment sit at about £230,000.

While this is a bit over the top, there are those who think this is a serious enough threat to freedom that another Kickstarter campaign has been starter to build an X-Wing squadron to defend against the looming threat of the Death Star. This campaign is a bit more conservative as they are only asking for $11 million dollars to get the ball rolling and the low, low stretch goal of only $4.5 billion to actually build the squadron. This campaign is currently sitting an almost $67,000 pledged.

While there is not a snowball's chance in hell of either of these project making their funding goals, it makes one wonder if the powers that be at Kickstarter should start doing background checks and drug testing on the people starting campaigns. But fun is fun, and this kind of thing is what keeps the internet interesting. Drop a comment on which side you are on ... or forever be known as Luke Fencewalker.