Development Costs Of Journey Bankrupted Company

Having a game that is critically received and even sets Play Station Network sales records doesn't necessarily guarantee success. The creator of the hit game Journey said that even with those kind of numbers the development costs bankrupted ThatGameCompany.

Creator Jenova Chen stated that one of the problems was that the game was a Play Station 3 exclusive and that even thought they made their money back, and a little more, the exclusivity of the platform hurt sales. He states that he is grateful to Sony for all the assistance that they provided, but that for a game to be a real commercial success, like Minecraft, it needs to get in the hands of more people.

All is not lost for ThatGameCompany as last June they secured 5.5 million dollars in funding for their next game which will be aiming for release on multiple platforms.

We'll keep you posted on what ThatGameCompany has up their sleeve when more information becomes available.