Titan Books Releases New Graphic Novel, Dead Space: Liberation

Titan Books brand new graphic novel titled Dead Space: Liberation will be out for release soon. The novel is set in the Dead Space universe and is a prequel to the new game Dead Space 3. They were kind enough to send us a copy of two upcoming DS novels for review.

A rather large, mysterious box arrived and upon opening it discoverd that it contained three graphic novels. Dead Space: Liberation, Dead Space: Salvage and one simply titled Dead Space. The books were packed in enough bubble wrap to protect a carton of eggs from a drop from orbit and were all in perfect condition.

Dead Space: Liberation is written by Ian Edginton and the artwork is done by award winning science fiction and fantasy artist, Christopher Shy. The one sent was a hard cover edition and is of excellent quality. After collecting hard cover fantasy and sci-fi for the last 40 years I've seen all manner of quality in books and this has a perfect, tight binding, even cut pages, a glossy, imaged cover (not a paper dust jacket) and every page is heavier stock paper, again printed with all glossy, full color images.

The teaser on the back cover reads;

On the planet Uxor, Earthgov Sergeant John Carver is caught up in event beyond his control when religious fanatics attack the alien Marker site where his wife works.
Racing to rescue his family, Carver is forced to band together with Ellie Landford, a survivor of an earlier Necromorph outbreak, and the highly trained Captain Robert Norton. Together they unlock deep and forgotten secrets about the Markers in an epic race against time that will determine the fate of mankind."

Not wanting to spoil the story for anyone, I will just say that the artwork is superb, which is no surprise considering the artist, and the the layout and progression of both the art and story maintains a high level of immersion for a graphic novel, which many times is not the case for these types of books. Please do note that the language used in the novel is adult oriented with a fair amount of swearing so you will want to keep that in mind if the purchase is for someone young.

Along with Dead Space: Liberation, Titan Books is also re-releasing Dead Space: Salvage. The artwork of this novel is also done by Christopher Shy and the story is written by Antony Johnston.

The novel is in paperback form, but again is an excellent quality product. Even cut, clean binding and the same high quality glossy pages as Liberation. The teaser on this one reads;

In deep space, the USG Ishimura lies dormant and drifting - but not quite dead. Believing they'ave found the haul of their lives, a group of scavengers called The Magpies begin to salvage the ship ... only to discover that they're not alone. Something is moving in the dark. And it's coming for them.

Both of these books were released on the 5th of February in the United States and on the 8th of February in the UK, so they should be readily available in bookstores and at online sellers. If you like the Dead Space series of games, and are a fan of graphic novels you will definitely want to check these out.

We'd like to thank Mr. Tom Green from Titan Books for sending us copies of the books to review.