Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Undercut Competition In Terms Of Price

ZDNet Korea reports that the new Samsung Galaxy S5, which has met with mixed reception (and for good reason), could undercut its competition when it comes to the pricing department. Samsung might price their new flagship below the launch price of the Galaxy S4, well below the launch price of other flagships announced during this period (Sony Xperia Z2).

The reason for this generosity? Well, it could be that Samsung has realized that the Galaxy S5 doesn't really deliver on the promise to be the next "big" thing, except it literally is a big thing as compared to the S4. Not matching up to high expectations, people will surely think twice before upgrading from a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4 to Samsung's new flagship. On-contract prices could turn up to be very low as well. We will keep a look out for more information on the same, if anything pops up.