BlackBerry Z10 Teardown; Innards Similar To Galaxy S III LTE

UBM TechInsights

At the January 30, the BlackBerry announced the company's most anticipated devices, the Z10 and Q10. While the smartphones aren't yet available all over the world, the folks at UBM TechInsights went further and have already disassembled BlackBerry's flagship device, the Z10.

It took less than two weeks to disassemble the Z10 smartphone. The device comes with a known Snapdragon S4 Pro dual-core processor along with three other chis from Qualcomm, Samsung-made RAM and storage. The intriguing thing is that there are many similar components as in Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone.

If you're into more details, you can visit UBM TechInsights and see detailed explanation and pictures of BlackBerry's flagship smartphone Z10.