WD TV Play Smartens TVs On The Cheap

Western Digital launched the new WD TV Play, a new value web STB that delivers most popular web-based content providers, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU, SlingPlayer, Spotify, Pandora and Facebook; among many more, at a bargain price of just $69.99. The device connects to the web directly, or over your home network, over 802.11 b/g/n WLAN, and 10/100 Ethernet, plugging into your TV over HDMI and composite, and HT receiver over 7.1-channel TOSLINK and stereo.

The WD TV Play lacks a couple of features of its older siblings, such as support for MPEG2 videos and DTS audio; multi-room streaming to DLNA devices; and internal storage (NAS functionality), but makes up for with being a lightweight solid-state device under 70 bucks.

"We are excited to bring popular Internet channels and the ability to play personal media from other connected devices in the home, to budget-minded customers," said Scott Vouri, general manager for WD's connected life solutions group. "Those features and our new, easy-to-use interface make WD TV Play a product that brings smart-TV benefits to a wide range of people."