Huawei Kirin 920 Octa-Core Processor Faster Than The Snapdragon 801

Thinking of picking up a new Snapdragon 801 powered flagship and showing it off as the fastest phone in front of your friends? Think again! Huawei's upcoming octa-core chipset, Kirin 920, is faster, at least in AnTuTu, than the Snapdragon 801. In fact, with a minor core clock bump (clocked at 1.3 GHz for the benchmark), it could actually best the Snapdragon 805. Of course, this is no indication of real-world performance, but at least we can rest assured that Huawei's next flagship is going to pack bombastic power.

Other features of the Kirin 920 chipset include a quad-core Mali-T628, 32 MP camera and WQXGA displays.