Surface Pro Tough to Repair: iFixit Teardown


The folks at iFixit, who have turned electronics repair into a bit of an art form, are less than pleased with the repairability of Microsoft's Surface Pro, which earned a rock-bottom repairability score of 1/10 (worst). The Surface Pro is a tablet with the innards of a notebook, and so unlike most contemporaries that make do with an ARM SoC on a PCB the size of a 240-pin uDIMM, it has an entire x86 logic board, complete with an Intel processor, the core-logic (chipset), a couple of single-sided SO-DIMM modules soldered on, and other ancillary components. The large logic board makes other components a tight squeeze.

iFixit, in its teardown observed that the screen alone is difficult to remove; many of the components are held back by generous amounts of adhesive; and that opening the panel poses a high risk of you yanking or snapping a delicate cable that wires its components to the PCB. On the bright side of things, the dissection also revealed that the battery pack is replaceable, and so is the SSD, which dons a conventional mSATA 6 Gb/s form-factor, so you could junk the stock 64 GB matchbox for something as spacious as this.