William Shatner Says J.J. Abrams Is Being A Pig

When William Shatner was asked by Movie Fanatic what he thought about J.J. Abrams taking on Star Trek and Star Wars the answer was undoubtedly Shatner-esque:

"He's being a pig."

We're guessing he means Mr Abrams is 'hogging' two of Sci-Fi's - to use another animal reference - sacred cows. The short interview is pretty much exactly what you would expect from The Original Series star; you don't know if he's joking or being serious. Probably large amounts of both.

He goes on to say that Abrams' talent is best in class, it's just that he's gone too far this time. He also calls the director "foolhardy" for not employing Shatner in either of the two franchises. As it turns out the two are sushi buddies and Shatner thinks it's time to take Abrams out for another dinner to set him straight.

It's hard to beat Movie Fanatic's closing line so we'll repeat it here:

"Sounds like being summoned by the Godfather, no?!"