Samsung Announces REX Series Phones In India

Samsung India has officially announced new "smart feature phones" intended for India market. Developed in India, REX series smartphones are specially designed for low-end markets with extremely attractive price and design. The REX family consists of four smartphones: REX 60, REX 70, REX 80, REX 90.

"We've chosen India for our launch because India is in so many ways at the center of economic and technology trends that are reshaping our world," said Younghee Lee, Samsung Marketing Chief.

Samsung REX 60
Being the cheapest, REX 60 has also the least features. The handset sports 2.8-inch QVGA display with 320×240 pixels resolution, Smart Dual SIM with Hot Swap, Touchwiz UI, 1.3-megapixel camera and only 30 MB memory with microSD card slot. The phone comes with 10 full version Gameloft games as well as Opera Mini web browser, Facebook Messenger, ChantOn Messenger, Gtalk and Yahoo chat.

Samsung REX 70
The Rex 70 comes with a little bigger display and better camera, but with only 10 MB memory. It features a 3.0-inch QVGA, 2-megapixel camera, dual-SIM with Hot Swap and 1,000 mAH battery. The phone comes with the same applications as the REX 60.

Samsung REX 80
Samsung has put almost the same features in the REX 80 as he did in REX 70. The only difference is the bigger memory which is the same as in REX 60, 20 MB with microSD card slot, WiFi modem and 3-megapixel camera. The rest is the same.

Samsung REX 90
The most "expensive" in the REX series is the REX 90, featuring a 3.5-inch HVGA display which has 480×320 pixels resolution, 3.2-megapixel resolution but only 10 MB of memory. It has a dual-SIM support, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and the rest of the specs are the same as the REX 80.

The devices are available in India for as low as $79 for the REX 60 and up to $120 for the REX 90.