Steam for Linux Launched, Ubuntu and GeForce Recommended

Valve released what is probably the biggest development in PC gaming this entire decade, the official release of its Steam content distribution platform, for Linux, particularly targeting Ubuntu, a popular personal desktop Linux distro. The client ships with a formidable contingent (over 100 titles) of games, including a few of Valve's homebrew ones from the Left 4 Dead franchise.

A killer feature here is SteamPlay, which rids you of the need to purchase Linux versions of the games if you already own the Windows or Mac OS X versions. If you happen to frequent any of the 101 games on offer, on Windows, and want to switch over to Ubuntu, Steam for Linux gives you a solid reason to.

Development of Steam for Linux, and porting of Windows (predominantly Direct3D) titles over to Linux (which has OpenGL as the most feature-rich graphics API), was accelerated when NVIDIA chipped in with some developer help. Refined GeForce drivers launched by the company beginning late-2012 boosted game frame-rates by over 100 percent, and so Valve, as a token of gratitude recommended GeForce GPUs and NVIDIA drivers for best/stable performance.

Steam for Linux can be downloaded from Ubuntu's marketplace, and from here.