PlayStation 4 Controller Pictured

Rumours about Sony's next-gen gaming console are getting more specific. With four days ahead of PlayStation Meeting 2013, where we could see Sony's plans for the gaming console, picture of PlayStation 4 controller gets revealed. The actual photo of the PlayStation 4's possible controller has surfaced from an unknown source who posted it to Destructoid.

As you can see from the photo, the controller retains PlayStation's traditional overall design with some significant improvements. In the middle of the device seems to be touchscreen, sitting underneath a large blue light with unknown purpose. The touchscreen is surrounded with two thumbsticks, which are redesigned a little bit to provide more grip while the directional pad buttons are placed further apart.

In the middle of controller, we find holes for what seems to be a speaker. Just underneath it, there seems to be a headphone/audio port.

We do not know if this is just a prototype or the final version is going to be entirely different. Sony is expected to reveal its long-awaited PlayStation 4 at a special event in New York on February 20. So stay tuned for new information.