New Xperia High-End Smartphone

Sony has apparently set a goal to become a premium manufacturer beginning with this year. Earlier this year, Sony has publicly said that they are ready to become a premium manufacturer which could mean to drop low-end market. With this new smartphone, it does seem like Sony's focus is only high-end smartphones.

The next high-end smartphone will be a new Sony Xperia model number - C680X (C6802). It was discovered on the HTML5 Test website and details show it has a 1080p display which means 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. What WE have also found out that the handset runs on Android 4.2 operating system, apparently Jelly Bean version.

Sony is set to become a much bigger presence in the smartphone world this year with the launch of some worthy hardware in the coming months. The company is going to get things moving for this year with the release of the Sony Xperia Z, which seems to be hitting Europe early. There is nothing more to know for now as no confirmation has been official and this can be just another rumour in the mill.

On the other hands, Sony has made a few changes about Xperia Z release date in Europe. The smartphone wasn't expected to land in Europe until February 28th, but it seems it will be touching down a little bit earlier. The Xperia Z will hit store in Berlin on February 21st which is now confirmed by Sony.