Office 2013 License Can't Be Transferred

With the popularity of cloud application, Microsoft has released Office 365. The Office 365 refers to cloud-based application where user can access the application from any place if you have internet. However, Microsoft has also released a desktop application of the popular Office suite. The 2013 edition of Office has been released by the beginning of this year, but there is a catch.

A user who buys a new computer, install a new operating system or maybe lost a notebook will have problems with Office 2013 activation. Microsoft has changed the license policy for Office which means once you install a copy you have purchased, it is tied to that one machine.

Looking at the EULA for Office 2013, it does say that the "license is permanently assigned to the licensed software." Meaning the license is permanently attached to the first computer you install the new Office application.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that those customers who seek transferability should get Office 365 because Office 2013 is licensed to one device. We can clearly see that Microsoft is trying to push through its cloud-based Office 365.