PS4 Reaches 7 Million Shipments Globally

Over 7 million units of the Sony PlayStation 4 have been shipped across the globe, extending the lead over Microsoft's Xbox One to over 3 million. In the extended last week of March (17 to 28), PS4 outsold the Xbox One a stunning 7:1 in PAL regions. On the last weekend (March 21-23) alone, 100,000 PS4s were sold in PAL regions, including the UK. A total of 180,000 units was sold in the extended week, while Microsoft managed to move a meager 25,000 Xbox One unit in the same time period.

Additionally, sales of Infamous: Second Son, a power-packed, visually appealing PS4 exclusive, has breached the 1 million mark. All in all, it has been yet another great month for Sony and its PlayStation 4.