Watch Apple's New iPad TV Commercials

Two new Apple iPad TV commercials are out and they are a bit different to what the company has us accustomed to. They are a little bit louder and quite a bit faster than your average Apple ad. The videos are 30 seconds long and do not poke fun at Windows (or Samsung).

Even though the last word you see on the screen is "iPad", the similar-style ads leave you with the impression you just watched an App/iTunes Commercial. In fact, those tiny letters at the end do say, "Content from iTunes. Additional hardware required." We're guessing the additional hardware you need is something to actually make the iPad "loud".

They are called "Alive" and "Together", and both feature the same upbeat music while flashing a bunch of words on the screen. The first ad focuses on the words "loud", "deep" and, of course, "alive" while the second on "wild", "bright", and "together".

Not much more to say really except that both ads are closing in on 250,000 views on YouTube where they are accompanied by the comment, "With over 300,000 apps, iPad is up for anything you are."