Tag Heuer Announces Meridiist Infinite

How would you like to own a phone that never runs out of power? Enter Meridiist Infinite from Tag Heuer. With a 2.4-inch QCGA (320 x 240) LCD display, 5 MP rear camera, dual-SIM slots and 8GB of storage, we aren't looking at a high-end gadget. Rather, the Meridiist Infinite boasts of being capable of running 'indefinitely', thanks to the use of Wyspis Crystal underneath the display, which is a transparent photovoltaic sheet that can charge off sunlight or artificial light. On top of the display, a monochrome OLED panel shows some extra information, such as battery percentage level.

Tag Heuer is only making 1,911 units of this premium device, which will subsequently go on sale in July, 2014. Don't expect each unit to cost under a few thousand dollars.