66% Players Ditch Free-To-Play Games Within 24 Hours

App testing firm Swrve reports that a staggering 66%, or two-thirds of players, ditch free-to-play games within 24 hours of first launching them. These aren't bloated numbers as Swrve conducted this survey on over 10 million players over a period of 90 days starting in November last year.

"It's a bit like a first date... If it's going to be effective, it needs to be effective quick." - Swrve CEO, Hugh Reynolds

Swrve's network partners include the biggest and meanest companies including Activision, WB Games, Gameloft, Zeptolab, Epic Games etc. An independent developer, Ben Cousins, criticized Swrve of "trying to paint a depressing picture to sell services." Cousins defended himself by saying... Why don't you read his tweet and find out.