Samsung Galaxy S5 Surpasses Galaxy S4 Day One Sales

Reports are flying in from every direction that Samsung had its most successful day one of a product launch yet with the new Galaxy S5. Shattering the Galaxy S4 day one sales record by anywhere between 30% to 100%, depending on which country you are looking at, the Galaxy S5 could go on to be Samsung's fastest selling phone. Remember, last year when the Galaxy S4 was launched, it took less than a month to cross 10 million sales. The same feat took the Galaxy S III 50 days to achieve, and five months for the Galaxy S II before that.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available in 125 countries. Unlocked handsets cost $699 in the US and $599 in Europe and Asia. An additional 25 countries are to be added to the launch list within the next few days.