Rufus Cuff Is a 3-inch Wearable That is Much More Than a Smartwatch

Wearables are becoming extremely popular nowadays and if smartwatches don't have enough features for you then this is the product for you. Measuring 3-inches, the Rufus Cuff comes with a built-in mic, a camera, a speaker, web browser, voice control, GPS and much more.

It connects to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth for mobile data, calls and texts, which makes it a smartphone that straps to your wrist. The Rufus Cuff also supports WiFi so if you don't have your smartphone with your or the battery is dead, it allows you to continue surfing.

If you are interested in this device, you can help with the developing as it is still trying to all the funds via Indiegogo. The crowd funding campaign has reached just over $165,000 and with 8 days left the $200,000 goal isn't that far away.