Buyers Of Fake "Virus Shield" App Get Refund And $5 Store Credit From Google

Remember "Virus Shield", the fake app that promised to protect your Android device from viruses while actually doing no such service whatsoever? Well, once the app's bogus nature came under the spotlight, Google quickly responded to user reports and took it down. However, the app had already climbed to top spot on the Play Store Paid Apps section, and 10,000+ people had paid $3.99 for it.

Google has handled the situation better than we could have ever asked for. Not only are they refunding the $3.99, but everyone who bought the app gets $5 in-store credit as well.

Additionally we'd like to offer you $5 promotional credit1, which can be used to purchase digital content on Google Play such as apps, games, books, music and movies.

Good move, Google. Now, make some changes so that such an embarrassing situation doesn't repeat itself.