Possible Photos of iPad Mini 2

According to a forum post on a Chinese site WeiPhone, Apple is almost ready for the mass production of the new iPad mini 2. New leaked photos shows slightly thicker case what is claimed to be the rear casing of an iPad mini with a high density Retina display.

It was rumoured that iPad mini 2 will have chamfered edges, though that is not the case with this shell. So either new iPad mini 2 tablet will not have a chamfered edge or these images are not showing iPad mini 2. Bringing Retina to the device, the next mini tablet should pack a 324 pixel per inch display. Though, with new Retina display the device could be 30% more expensive.

One more intriguing thing is the presence of boxes labeled "Catcher." For those who do not know, Catcher is one of Apple's primary casing suppliers. Whether this is a new iPad mini with Retina display, we leave it to you to decide. More photos are available here.