iPhone 6 Gets Sexy New Concept Images And A Video

Face it. The Apple iPhone 6 is perhaps the most exciting iPhone in years. Ever since the introduction of the iPhone 4, people have been waiting patiently (or not so much, for those who migrated to Android devices) for a bigger iPhone. By that word, we are referring to a phone with a 4.5" or larger display. The iPhone 5 stuck it to us by going bigger, but staying limited at 4.0". This year, Apple will introduce not one, but two new iPhones. One of them will come with a 4.7" display, while the other will go all-out against the Galaxy Note series with a 5.5" display.

Now, we know that you couldn't possibly just sit around doing nothing until September for these phones to come out. How about feeding your imagination with these sexy concept images, and a video as well.

Sweet dreams!