Half Life 2 Coming To NVIDIA Shield

When Valve's surprise-hit title Portal was announced for NVIDIA Shield, we were a bit skeptical. However, reviews suggest that the Source Engine, used to create every Valve game since the launch of Half Life 2 in 2004, has been successfully ported to Android. While Portal is available exclusively on the NVIDIA Shield, it can technically run on any Android device that has a powerful spec sheet (it should arrive at the Play Store officially sometime later this year).

The hot news is that Half Life 2 is making its way to Shield. I know, this isn't the Half Life news that you have been waiting for (Jesus Gabe, it's been 7 years, just give us Half Life 3 already), but fans of the 2004 classic can relive those moments on a portable console, which runs on Android, once the game is released later this year.

For now, Shield owners will have to make do with Portal, which arrives on May 12.

Source Android Central
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