Samsung Unveils Wallet, Apes Apple Passbook Down to the Icon

At its MWC 2013 event, Samsung launched its Wallet app, which quite simply is a knock-off of Apple's Passbook, in functionality, user-interface, down to even the icon. For the uninitiated, Apple Passbook is an app that organizes all your e-tickets and passes, be it boarding passes, movie/event tickets, hotel reservations, coupons, with real-time updates on membership points, seats, or boarding gate changes. The app stores all active passes/coupons, archives old ones, and beams 2D/3D bar-codes that are scanned at boarding/payment terminals. Service providers will be able to integrate with Wallet, to let users add their passes to the app.

Currently, Samsung Wallet is available only as a developer preview as the company is scouting for service providers. It already teamed up with Walgreens, Belly, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, Expedia,,, and Lufthansa. In what could be a missed opportunity for Samsung, Wallet does not support NFC-based transactions, despite the company's latest tie up with Visa PayWave. The company explained that service-providers prefer barcodes to installing NFC hardware.