SanDisk iNAND Tags Along Snappy Tegra 4 Tablets

NVIDIA's CES launch of the Tegra 4 line of high-performance SoCs for tablets and smartphones may not have been the company's most memorable one. It was quickly followed by launches of similar products by Samsung and Qualcomm. Early benchmarks weren't too encouraging, either. NVIDIA undertook a major PR exercise along the sidelines of the more appropriate venue for Tegra 4, the Mobile World Congress, by letting visitors get their hands on tablets and smartphones running its newest chips. Some of its newer benchmarks are part of the exercise. SanDisk claimed its part in Tegra 4 tablets' renewed performance leadership.

According to the flash memory major, its iNAND eMMC chips are at the helm of the crucial storage sub-system of NVIDIA's Tegra 4 reference tablets. iNAND offers transfer rates as high as 45 MB/s, which is stellar in the tablet/smartphone category, as most storage devices max out around the 20~30 MB/s mark. In its press release, SanDisk stated its iNAND device is the perfect match for Tegra 4.