Star Trek Online May Content Update Teased Some More

It looks like May 2013 could be a big month for Star Trek Online (STO) with its developer Cryptic planning a major content addition to hit free-to-play MMO. Some time in late-January, its developers signed off the annual "state of the game" video with the first teaser to this content update, a Romulan motif with a catchphrase that read "march under the raptor's wings." This sparked off speculation that the developer could be introducing a significant content addition, perhaps even New Romulans as the game's third playable faction, besides the Federation and Klingon Empire.

In its latest teaser, Cryptic released an artistic impression of what is to come in May. An artwork reveals a fleet of Romulan starships - D'deridex Warbirds (battleship), Mogai Escorts (cruiser), and Birds of Prey (frigate) emerging from a bright green light. The vessels have an almost ghostly appearance. The teaser signs off with another "cryptic" (mind the pun) catchphrase which reads "our shadow will dim the stars." One could speculate from this newest teaser that whatever Cryptic plans for May isn't a playable faction, but rather a new season of missions.

Season 2 of STO's canonical missions, titled "Romulan Mystery" lets players uncover some dark secrets behind the Hobus Supernova, a cataclysmic event that destroys Romulus and its billions of inhabitants, forcing off-world Romulans to rebuild the Star Empire from scratch, in Season 7 "New Romulus," an adventure zone built around these reconstruction efforts. The May content update could take the Romulan component of the canonical timeline forward. Could it be that a fleet of "ghost ships," victims of the Hobus Supernova reemerge in normal space? Star Trek in general, seldom shied away from exploring themes we place in the realms of metaphysics and the paranormal. STO isn't any different, in its exploration of ancient enemies of the Klingon Empire, in "The Fek'Ihri Return" episodes (Klingon faction).

Denise Crosby, who played Tasha Yar in Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), and reprised her role in STO special episode "Temporal Ambassador," reportedly signed up for more voice-overs for the game. This reinforces a second popular theory among gamers, that Tasha's half-Romulan daughter Sela (also played by Crosby in TNG), who gets abducted by the Iconians, an advanced intergalactic civilization, returns with a large Romulan fleet, powerful enough to take on the Federation.

In either case, we'll have to wait another 19 days for the next crumb of this bread.