Qualcomm Says Snapdragon 800 Easily Beats Tegra 4


NVIDIA has been working hard on its upcoming Tegra 4 processor. Over at Mobile World Congress, NVIDIA showcased the chip's performance compared to the Qualcomm's next-gen flagship, the Snapdragon 800. According to the results, Tegra 4 will be the fastest chip on the market for a while.

However, Qualcomm does not agree with that. The biggest competitor in the market is not concerned with Tegra 4. According to the company's Senior Vice President of Product Management Raj Talluri, they believe the Snapdragon 800 processor easily beats the Tegra 4.

He also added that the Snapdragon 800 has another advantage, and that is that so many things are integrated directly into the silicon die, including the LTE modem.

After the Snapdragon 600 has seen the day of light in several devices, the Snapdragon 800 is is expected to show up in various devices later this year.