RED and ARRI Settle Espionage Dispute Off Courts


RED announced a satisfactory off-court settlement with market rival ARRI in a recent corporate espionage lawsuit it filed against it. RED sued ARRI for anti-competitive practices by means of espionage; when former ARRI executive Michael Bravin pleaded guilty for hacking into the company email of his previous employer Brand Pro Digital Cinema, which compromised confidential communications between Brand Pro and RED, and the personal email account of RED founder Jim Jannard.

In a recent post on RED user forums, Jannard stated "we are very happy with the terms of the settlement with ARRI and glad to have this behind us." ARRI is locked in an identical dispute with Brand Pro, commenting on which, Jannard said "...hopefully they will settle in a way that Band Pro is as happy as we are."

RED and ARRI are each market leaders in high resolution digital cinema cameras, which are used across the entertainment industry, in a post-film (or should we say, post-Kodak) era.