Samsung to Stop ATIV Tab Sales in Germany

Samsung didn't bother launching its Windows RT-based ATIV Tab in the US, because it didn't believe such a product would click there. It didn't stop the company from launching the tablet in European and Asia-Pacific markets, although things are beginning to buckle. Samsung confirmed to MobileGeeks that it decided to stop sales of the ATIV Tab in Germany, Europe's single biggest economy.

In its talk with the German tech publication, Samsung cited weak demand for its decision. The move to pull ATIV Tab from Germany could have a spill-over effect on other European markets. According to the source, Samsung simply sees no market for Windows RT in Germany and other European markets, so a region-wide pull-out is very much on the cards.

At this point, could could still purchase the ATIV Tab from for a rather steep 605€. A market alternative for Microsoft Surface with Windows RT, ATIV Tab is an ARM SoC-driven 10.1-inch tablet running Microsoft's Windows RT operating system.