Mitsubishi Stops Making Rear Projection TVs

One of the last bastions of rear-projection TVs, Mitsubishi, announced the end of production of its DLP and LaserVue lines, conceding defeat to flat-panels. With LCD prices in free-fall, and advancements in resolution (4K around the corner), the Japanese display maker is finding itself unable to sustain its rear-projection business. In a statement, the company said:

"This decision has been an extremely difficult one as it deeply impacts our loyal employee, customers, dealers and vendors. But the introduction of our competitors larger flat panel products and, more important, the severe price competition across the industry, has made it increasingly difficult to remain profitable. We can no longer sustain our business in its current form. Therefore, we'll no longer manufacture and sell our DLP rear projection televisions in the US. We'll focus our US operations exclusively on our professional grade visual solutions products, including projectors, printers, data wall products and display monitors."

In the same statement, the company went on to say that it would continue to honor warranties, and maintain availability of spare parts through its authorized service centers.