Intel Shows Off Haswell Ultrabook Prototype At CeBIT

Back at the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel showed first design concept of the North Cape Haswell hybrid Ultrabook. At CeBIT, Intel revealed the Ultrabook prototype which showed some impressive design along with the intriguing hardware. The prototype features Intel's upcoming fourth-generation Core processor with Full HD touchscreen display.

The interesting feature of this Ultrabook is a detachable touchscreen. The 17 mm Ultrabook is a hybrid device with the ability to separate dock and the screen. This means that users can use the touchscreen as a standalone Windows 8 tablet.

Intel also confirmed that there will be Haswell Ultrabooks with Connected Standby and non-Connected Standby feature. Connected Standby is a feature where apps can run when the Ultrabook is e.g. in your bag, without a fan, for days. Rumours say we could see more than 10 hours of video playback as well as online typing.

Intel plans to release Haswell microarchitecture processors around June. Based on the 22 nm manufacturing process, Haswell processors should additionally increase the battery life and bring even thinner design.