CIA Wins the Internet with its First (?) Tweet

Tweet Accomplished

The CIA became one of the last major US Government agencies and departments to join Twitter. It literally won the Internet with its first tweet, which is not just showing the public that it has a sense of humor, but is actually a clever dig at conspiracy-theorists.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) posted its first tweet 17 hours ago (at the time of writing this article), by which time, it scored close to 200k retweets, and mentions by several top media houses. It reads:

That was smooth. Not only does it play on the cheesiest "CIA" line used, overused, and abused by Hollywood in its portrayal of the agency; but it also takes a swing at conspiracy theorists, who accuse the CIA of shaping public opinion in foreign countries, by swarming millions of tweets endorsing or vilifying persons, organizations, or opinions. Hours later, the agency thanked its reception.

Ten bucks say that when @CIA reaches a sizable number of followers, its tweet in response to that could be something along the lines of "thanks for following us back." Or not.