LG to Unveil In-House ARM Chips at CES'13

LG plans to unveil its first in-house design ARM system on chip at CES 2013, held in January. Its first chip is codenamed "H13," and is an application processor for embedded devices. The Korean consumer-electronics major bought a license to design ARM ASICs in April 2011, specifically implementing ARM A-15 CPU and Mali-T604 GPU cores.

Much like Samsung's Exynos 5-series chips, the H13 incorporates mixtures of the two licensed components, and will be designed to drive home-entertainment devices such as televisions, set-top media-centers, and Blu-ray players. Higher powered versions of the same chip could even drive smartphones. Unlike Samsung, which has its own fabs, LG will start off fab-less, and rely on TSMC to build its designs on its 28 nanometer silicon fabrication process.